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Alice through the ages

While Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” may not be wholly faithful to the original, its iconography is instantly recognisable. This is a credit not only to Lewis Carroll himself, but also to the many artists (and one in particular) who have over the years turned his words into images

Spare ribaldry

Hollywood comedy has traditionally been dominated by men. Now, says Nicholas Barber, women are staging a takeover

Disney dares to dream

In “Zootopia” (or “Zootropolis”), a
cute rabbit delivers a timely – and surprisingly political – message
about multi-culturalism

The chosen one

A supernatural thriller set in blue-collar America, “Midnight Special” proves its director Jeff Nichols is a minimalist master working in a maximalist genre

This High-Rise falls short

A slick adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s dystopian novel, “High-Rise” could have been a warning. But Ben Wheatley’s film feels more like a relic

America’s sick soul

Bored with the pleasures of Hollywood, Christian Bale’s sleepwalking prince is led astray in Terrence Mallick’s answer to “La Dolce Vita”